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Simvastatin, like other inhibitors  reductase inhibitors may cause myopathy, which is manifested as muscle pain, tenderness or weakness and is accompanied by increased activity of creatine phosphokinase  (more than 10 times the upper limit of normal).
The risk of myopathy / rhabdomyolysis is dose-dependent primobolan for women. Myopathy may be manifested in the form of rhabdomyolysis, sometimes accompanied by secondary acute renal failure due to mioglobulinuriey, in rare cases, fatal.  If the patient on therapy increased  activity and appeared muscular symptoms, it is necessary to exclude other causes of increased activity of the enzyme: intense exercise, trauma, bruises, fever, hypothyroidism, infection, poisoning by carbon dioxide, polymyositis, dermatomyositis, alcohol abuse, drugs. Before using the product necessary to carry out a blood test on the activity .

Elderly patients (over 65 years), hypothyroidism, primobolan for women diabetes mellitus type 2 (non-insulin dependent diabetes), of subtle body, impaired renal function receiving a combined statin therapy with fibrates, the determination of CK is recommended to be repeated every 3 months during the first year of therapy. Control of creatine kinase in patients without myopathy symptoms receiving therapy with  is required. If a patient has symptoms of myopathy and excluded secondary causes it, regardless of the activity of should be discontinued.

If a patient appears bescimptomnoe increase  activity over 5 times compared to the upper limit of normal, therapy with can be continued with the subsequent control  activity per month to its normalization. before the treatment All patients prior to treatment  or patients whose dose was increased, must notify of the risk of myopathy, and the patients are asked to immediately report any unexplained muscle pain, tenderness or weakness feeling. it should also be cautious in patients with a predisposition to rhabdomyolysis. Be sure to determine the activity  before starting treatment in the following situations: • Elderly patients (age 65 years); • Women; • impaired renal function; • untreated hypothyroidism; • personal or family history of hereditary muscular disorders; • muscular toxicity reactions while taking statins or fibrates in history; . • excessive consumption of alcohol (ethanol) in these situations it is necessary to assess the hazard ratio for treatment of possible benefits, it is also recommended careful monitoring of the patient. If the patient had a history of earlier myopathy associated with taking a statin or fibrate, should be used with caution in drug treatment from the same group. If  activity exceeds by more than 5 times the value of the upper limit of normal, treatment should not be started. During treatment If during treatment primobolan for women patient develops muscle pain, weakness, cramps, you should evaluate the activity  activity exceeds by more than 5 times the value of the upper limit of normal, treatment should be discontinued. If muscular symptoms are strong and deliver daily discomfort, even  less than 5 times the upper limit of normal, you should consider discontinuation of treatment. If there is suspicion of myopathy for any other reason, treatment  should be discontinued. how much to inject for weight loss

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